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Our Mission

Unified for Global Healing is a nonprofit organization that provides culturally competent health services and promotes the advancement of health education; improving the well being of under served communities internationally using multidisciplinary teams.

The vision of Unified for Global Healing is to provide a network of health care providers, social workers, and artists working together to promote global health through direct service, health education, and cultural awareness.

Unified for Global Healing is a 501 c 3 organization. We partner with under served hospitals and community-based organizations that need our support the most. Our medical professionals provide free health care while our community workers connect with those in need through health education using art as a tool. Any donation that you are able to give is tax deductible. Your contribution will help UFGH continue to provide sustainable support to the communities we serve!


Why art?

Art is a universal language that crosses cultural, class, and education barriers. Using art is effective when connecting with under served communities by sharing a cross-cultural exchange as well as educating the community about health issues. Artists that join our team develop new curriculum based on the current health issue and is an integral part of our public health work.

In Haiti we used art to assess needs and focus on ways to help alleviate poverty using mixed media to help children communicate their hopes and dreams.

In Ghana we used art to discuss the community perspective around Malaria intervention. We asked youth to develop their own tools to discuss health needs through arts and crafts, photography, and printmaking.

In India we used art to discuss poison safety and control in the community through watercolor and chalk murals.


Our public health work model is fun, rewarding, and culturally relevant. Check out the Health and Nutrition based community art program we did in Haiti in collaboration with Partners and Development and The Bastien Orphanage.  We used an adaptation of Michelle Obama's 'My Plate' for our nutrition project, taught yoga, and developed chalk murals.



How you can help

You can support our work in under served communities by:
Making a contribution to our ongoing relief efforts in Haiti to:

•  Continue to support our community partners,    LíHopital Adventise DíHaiti and LíHopital    Albert Schweitzer which have both been    instrumental in providing free quality care    for injured families
•  Support our ongoing art programming at    LíHopital Adventiste DíHaiti run by community    members
•  Contribute to purchasing medicine and other    medical supplies to assist with medical care

Making a contribution to our work in Ghana:

•  Provide free medical and vitamins for our    rural health Dominase, and Pankuforum
•  Provide medical supplies for Agona Swedru    Hospital (an underserved hospital in Gomoa    district)
•  Provide continuing support for Allies In    Development Action (ADIA) to support their    community health work Art and school    supplies for three villages: Dabanyin, clinics    in Dominase and Dabanyin

Making a contribution to our work in India:

•  Provide free vitamins and medication to rural
•  Provide free clothing and art supplies for    Deepasharam
•  Contribute to purchasing an ultrasound    machine for Gurgaon Civil Hospital








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