Unified for Global Healing is a nonprofit organization that provides culturally competent health services and promotes the advancement of health education in a multidisciplinary approach to improve the well being of under served communities in developing countries


The vision of Unified for Global Healing is to provide a network of health care providers, social workers, and artists working together to promote global health through direct service, health education, and cultural awareness.


From 1995, Dr. Thea James recruited medical staff which provided services to underserved communities in Haiti.  Dr. Sandra Scott was a resident in one of the pioneering groups and was so inspired by working in Haiti that she continued to assist in building the project team by returning annually.

The first multidisciplinary team was recruited in March 2005 to work in Des Chapelles, Haiti.  The team consisted of the first social worker/artist (Zola Z. Bruce), translator, and epidemiologist.  This trip inspired a culturally competent and multidisciplinary approach to serving people in developing nations by connecting with community-based hospitals, and the surrounding community.  Our team provided emergent care in the hospital, taught medical education, gave clothing donations to community members in need, and taught a community art program allowing youth to communicate freely and broaden their artistic vision through mixed media projects.

Our network of physicians, nurses, social workers, activists, public health workers, researchers, artists and students work together to provide direct service, cross-cultural exchange, and promote the advancement of global health.  In March 2006 we did a project in Montego Bay, Jamaica that focused on HIV/AIDS and health care disparities.  Our next project will be in jacmel, haiti focusing on primary health care delivery, education and arts.  With your support, we will be able to conduct three projects annually building a stronger, culturally competent, health care model.