Haiti Project


Thea L. James MD (co-founder of UFGH) started this initiative and headed the project for 10 years.  From 1995-2005 the project team set up an Emergency Room in the outside courtyard of L’Hopital Albert Schweitzer Hospital providing direct medical services and taught medical education (ultra-sound) to physicians and nurses employed by the hospital.  The social work and artistic component was added in 2005 when Zola started a community arts program recruiting children from the surrounding impoverished community as well as children from the hospital grounds.  She was able to run the program receiving donated art supplies, and communicating with the social services unit about community outreach and education techniques currently used to intervene in the HIV/AIDS health crisis.  Zola also assisted in the hospital by taking care of HIV positive orphans in the hospital.  This was a two-week program.

We are returning to Haiti focusing 
on ways to assist with ongoing earthquake relief efforts. We will provide education for medical staff and assist amputees with pain management by using Mirror Visual Feedback (MVF) therapy to help them deal with pain in their missing limb(s), also known as phantom limbs. We will provide clinic/urgent care for patients in our partnering setting based on immediate clinical needs. We will also provide social services support for children and families in the hospital which will include the care of orphans. In addition, we will use art as a means of helping children describe their own feelings about their current health and living situations. We are looking for team members who are health professionals, public health workers, social workers/activists, researchers, artists, and students.